Saturday Dars is a ladies group based in Arusha, Tanzania running since 1993.


To provide ladies in the Khoja Shia ithnasheri Community of Arusha with a platform of learning
and an outlet to express their talent .

We believe in working as a team and aim to to unite the community through various activities.


  • Lectures by many participants’ young and old.  Lectures cover Islamic and non-Islamic topics.
  • Different demonstrations like food, art & craft, first aid, etc. 
  • Debates
  • Outings for picnic, swimming and charity walks, also including some knowledgeable activity on the outing.  Sometimes Sports Day is also arranged. 
  • Inviting Guest Speakers (doctor, therapist, and specialists in various fields) etc. 
  • And many other items are included.
  • Seminars, 2 major seminars were held, HIV awareness and Marriage and Marital problems.

  • We publish Kilid e Ilm magazine annually.

Managed By:

Mrs. Tahera Sajan (Head)
Mrs.  Izzat Virjee
Mrs. Alina Remtulla